Miley Cyrus Not Racist?

Miley Cyrus posing with Asians at the pre-Grammy party, doing some damage control. Being a good girl.



  1. this is stupid. just cause you get a couple of desprate asian people to smile with you (who probably didnt even know what you did at the time) doesnt mean you werent innapropriate. this doe not make it all better, and its not gonna save you your 4 bil. nice try miley.....

  2. i think people are being so stupid. i mean it was just a picture and there was an asian guy in the picture so the only people that really care are the stupid greedy asians that are suing her for 4 bil and that is wrong and i will stick with miley through thick and thin and no matter what she does i will still be her number 1 fan!!!!

  3. wow.
    asians aren't freakn stupid or greedy.
    just cause we're smarter then you.
    get a freakn life


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