Light Up Your Lungs

Most cigarette vendors in India have this device (with a burning coil) for consumers to light up, using this as a medium Six Inches Communication and the NGO Courage India redesigned this cigarette lighting box into a lung replica that vividly illustrates the harm smoking can do...

The coil on both lungs lights up when you press the button, after which the smoker could press the tip of the "cancer stick" against it to light. Over time the area that smokers used to light up becomes darker/discolored.

Smoking is bad bad bad.
See how much muck smokers breathe in with every inhalation: amazing demonstration from GhettoScience

And HERE are some effects of smoking...


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  1. i wonder where i can get one of those lung lighter thingys... im trying to discourage my gf to stop smoking. im thinking of geting it as a gift for her hehe... i actualy saw the getto science video a couple of months ago on you tube when i was doing a report about smoking. simple expreiment but it tells alot.


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