Mattel Mind Flex

Mattel Mind Flex is a futuristic game that was brought at the CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW the past weekend. Here's how it works, strap on the contraption and think about what you want to happen and it happens! A game powered by human mind!

from PC WOrld: The game features an obstacle course that you will use your brainwave activity to control. The game relies on NeuroSky's technology and sensors that reside in the headset apparatus.

One sensor is in the headset itself, against your forehead; two more clip onto your earlobes. The sensors measure theta-wave activity in your brain; the waves are directly related to your level of focus and concentration. The sensors register the theta-wave activity, translate that activity into a signal, and transmit it as a radio frequency to the Mind Flex.

check out the vid.

it's like a jedi game! and it could be a weapon in the future


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