scared of santa

look at santa's little yelpers! the magical moment of ho ho ho became boo boo's to them. can't blame them i too was, no, still is scared of clowns. maybe because i watched this film as a kid where the clown tried to rape the damsel in distress. sick right? anyways check out the pics, tee hee!
christmas is in the air!! *sigh



  1. nako parang may ganyan din akong picture nung bata pa ko ahehehehe.. lalo na santa dito sa Pinas mejo payat ahehehe..

  2. talagang di naman siya nakakatuwa! balahibong mamaw haha

  3. Reminds me of my nieces when they were small, ganyan din. They were even afraid of mascots. Kahit na kay Jollibee!!

  4. mukha naman kasing me dahilan para matakot-----there really is a reason for all those kids to be scared, guess it's the beard ---keke


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