monkey diet experiment

two monkeys experimented. one eats the amount it needs, the other the amount it enjoys (usually fatty foods).

click the image to see which money is good shape and has aged better. this graphic is from a new york times that appeared in 2006 but it just hit #1 on digg! well it's never too late to eat healthy right?

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canto, left, a rhesus monkey, is aging fairly well at 25 on a calorie restriction diet. owen, though only a year older than canto, is frail and moves slowly. he eats a normal diet.... gotta be like canto from now on, but it's HARD!

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  1. hmmmm.....nalala ko tuloy na lomolobo na pisngi ko sa katakawam....hmmm. diet could really have a bog effect on a persons appearance....ay, a living craeture's apperance....

  2. at least owen will die happy

  3. @ pusa: tell me about it

    @ charles: yun nga lang nag enjoy tlga siya sa food


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