computer geek built himself a girlfriend

creep alert!

if blind dates, speed dating or mail-order brides haven't led you to that wonderful place called lurrrrve, you could always take a leaf out of inventor le trung's book - and build your perfect partner.

the 33-year-old techie has created aiko - a twenty-something(???) fembot who not only looks feminine and sexy but also does household chores and his accounts.

here's aiko in action. katakot

aiko has a knack for maths and she has 13,000-sentence vocabulary - in english and japanese. she can also recognize faces, read aloud from a newspaper and give directions. wow. she's a geek too!



  1. oh goodness...really scarrrrryyyy....i cant imagine the future full of thse robots....pero talagang posible pala ang I-Robot movie. nyyyyiiii

  2. alex, can she also do the uhm ehem "chore"?

    wink* wink*

  3. it wasn't mentioned,,,

    yung rin ang tanong ko eh hehe

  4. i hope le trung is now happy! ^^

  5. He should have made the doll's appearance as 'sexy' as possible for his 'personal' needs.

  6. @ gilbert: yeah hehe, sakto!

    @ charles: i'm hoping for the same thing for him

    @ alexander: naughty!

  7. hi jehzreel!

    thanks for dropping by


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