twilight movie reviews are in

reviews are in and seems like the vampire has no fangs!

"...a disappointingly anemic tale of forbidden love that should satiate the pre-converted but will bewilder and underwhelm viewers who haven't devoured Stephenie Meyer's bestselling juvie chick-lit franchise."

"But even with angsty rock songs, lurching camerawork and emo-ish voiceover at her disposal, Hardwicke can't get inside the head of her young protagonist, Isabella "Bella" Swan (Kristen Stewart); consequently, Bella's decision to get hot and heavy with a hot-and-hungry vampire, far from seeming like an act of mad, transgressive passion, comes across as merely stupid and ill-considered. The result is a supernatural romance in which the supernatural and romantic elements feel rushed, unformed and insufficiently motivated, leaving audiences with little to do but shrug and focus on the eye-candy."

"Chase-thriller endgame seems to sputter to a halt when it's barely begun."

more reviews on rotten tomatoes.... they rated it 44%... yikes!



  1. still fierce excited to see the movie.

  2. ang cheapy daw ng kinalabasan ng movie, well wala naman mapanood na next week eto lang yata

  3. mukhang bad yung review a....the curiosity among movie goers and lovers of the book might save it at the end of the day. ako curious....

  4. ang taas pa naman ng expectations ko sa movie. does it really suck?

  5. not looking forward to this film anyway... saw the trailer and thought... meh.

  6. that should be disappointing...gusto ko sana manood...pero sige panoorin ko pa rin..

  7. it's not that bad naman eh...

    watched it thrice yesterday...

    mediocre nga lang ang effects and ndi msyado na-develop and romantic affair ni bella and edward sa movie pero kng iisipin nyo, low-budget lang ung film and ito ang first movie adaptation of the saga...

    let's just hope that the second film would be better...

    all i can say is ang galing ng portrayal ni charlie, jessica, mike, and eric... hehehe! nakakatawa! :)


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