jumping over babies tradition

i don't get penitensya (religious flogging?). but just when i thought that's quite an extreme practice, i saw another one that's... well not bloody... but quite as disturbing...

el colacho or baby jumping is a traditional spanish practice dating back to 1620 that takes place yearly to celebrate the catholic feast of corpus christi in the village of castrillo de murcia in spain.

the babes are laid on the ground (in festival clothes) and grown men, yes adult males, dressed as devils jump over the infants!!!! this is supposed to cleanse them of all evil doings... nyek! this event is rated among the top ten most dangerous festival according to askmen.com

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  1. nakakatakot namang tradition yan haaay if ako nanay ng mga yan e di ko papasalihin ang anak ko jan mahirap na baka mapipi pag kinapos sa jump haaaay :(

  2. Crazy!!! so far any case of accident from such dangerous festival? OMG!! @_@

  3. i wonder if there has been any chance when the babies were hurt. The person who is to jump should be tested for alcohol levels, blood pressure , or even interviewed for the number of hours of sleep the night before....keke

  4. @ joan: ayokong i imagine na kapos ang jump, scary thought

    @ eunice: good question, i'll research 'bout it

    @ salingpusa: it's highly likely na lasing kasi festival!!! nyiii ngayon ko lang naisip

  5. hala spare the babies naman =(

  6. @ eunice and pusa: i've tried to google is but there seem to be no bad incidents so far... but who knows???

    i'll search further...

  7. this is one scary practice indeed

    one of those things you'll just go WTF!?

    well traditions, meron din naman tayong sobrang weird for them

  8. oh yeah!!!

    yung papako sa krus grabe dito

  9. hay nakuuuuuuuuuuuuuu kabaliwan festival

  10. yiiiiikes bkit naman cla nakaisip ng ganitong event grabe


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