nude tennis lessons with andy roddick

it's kinda silly, but well... it's for a good cause...

several celebs and tennis superstars were at sir elton john's 16th annual advanta world team tennis smash hits including andy roddick, who went well beyond the call of duty to help raise money for the benefit of AIDS victims in atlanta.

he originally was auctioning a private, 1-hour-long lesson to the highest bidder. then, to make it even spicier he offered "shirtless tennis 101.”

and then finally, he offered to give the lesson -- buck nekkid! the winning bid: $15K from a female fan.... i wonder if he'll still go for it if the person who won was a man...

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  1. i wonder how much can anna kournikova will get kapag siya nag-auction

  2. meh! He's kinda chimpy-looking. Doesn't do much for me.

  3. @ charles: hmmm for sure mas mahal yun

    @ anonymous: wow you've got super high standards!

  4. wtf! bat hindi ko nabalitaan to?? hahaha... sayang.. ang yummy pa naman ni andy.. putik yan, pedeng-pedeng pang isang milyon :D

  5. ay panalo! cge nga... gagawin ko rin yan... hakhakhak! :)


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