we filipinos observe halloween by spending time at the grave sites of loved ones. it is a time of solemn remembrance and meditation, well it used to be strictly like that. now you'll see the tweens and oldsters acting like tweens bringing humongous boom boxes and have it blaring out, yes, party at the cemetery!

as a child i grew up being exposed more to american media, i really thought that time that we also practice trick-or-treating here, but unfortch...

anyways, halloween costumes nowadays are getting crazier, aren't they?

here's to bestiality!

don't wear these on church and school parties...
for the more offensive ones click here!



  1. gosh, aren't they rude?!?

  2. nasobrahan sa pagka-naughty

  3. Hahaha I especially like the snake one.

    At any rate, the original or contexts of Halloween had nothing to do with trick-or-treating or getting up in costumes either. As a matter of fact there are several assumed "variations" of the festival and the closest thing that came to dressing up was one I read where Pagans would wear big masks to scare away evil spirits or something of the sort.

  4. The snake costume will surely be a hit here.

    I clicked to see the more offensive ones and I think I found Michael Jackson's favorite - the priest costume! LOL

  5. Hahaha nice bro!! stumbled!!

  6. Americans are really full of crazy ideas. fun though.kekeke


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