celebrity mugshots!

we're used to seeing paris or lindsay or nicole and other usual celeb baddies out there. now let's take a look at the more subtle ones, i didn't expect them but it turned out they're been there too...

bill gates! during his time down in new mexico bill gates was stopped for a traffic infraction

keanu reeves - was locked in l.a. on may 5, 1993 for driving under the influence

larry king was detained in miami, in regards to a loan from a close associate of jim garrison

frank sinatra was incarcerated twice in 1938. his crimes, neither of which are illegal today were that of 'seduction' and 'adultery' (yes they were illegal during ancient times).



  1. katuwa si bill gates naka smile pa

  2. well, well well... look do we have here! lol...

    panalo yung kay frank sinatra... ok lang makasuhan ako ng seduction... i wouldn't mind being a criminal at that!

  3. @ kyla: enjoy sa moment, hehe

  4. oo ang weird no?? hehe well that's 1930's


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