the one with fun shoes!

shoes!! shoes!! it amazes me at how shoes could signify someone's status symbol at times, well one of the ugly realities of life i guess. i never had that much appreciation of it, for me as long as i'm comfortable with it then that's it. check out these funky shoes, crazy....

take a walk with nature!

big feet, big ....

eat it or wear it?


music shoes

toe shoes! creepy..

car shoes!

DIY slippers.... this made me sad i swear.... i guess footwears really do show how well off someone is ... and this kid 's life is written all over what he wears....

if you'd like to donate shoes and change the world even just one pair at a time, do visit soles4souls, they're doing a worthwhile cause everyone should pay attention to..


  1. Kabug sila lahat sa last photo---talk about practicality and relevance and everything. Don na----kkk

  2. marami rin naka-ganyang (last pic) na slippers sa pilipinas kaka-sad nga. hayy

  3. goodluck sa first shoes kung habulin ka ng aso! hihihi! ;)

  4. @ charles: nyek ganun??

    @ gilbert: oo sa slum areas usually

    @ bena: good luck sa sprain, putol ugat yun pag ganun


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