fairytale princesses as modern day sluts

this kinda slutty ad campaign for melissa (a shoe company) was inspired by fairy tales most of us heard during bedtime. these ads give us insight on what would our beloved princesses would look like in a modern fairy tale, they include snow white, cinderella, little red riding hood, and rapunzel...

when I saw these ads I thought they were advertising porns....

ewan ko, i feel violated !!!!!!!!



  1. astig si rapunzel dito ah...SNAP! HEHE!

  2. huwaw at huwat ang reaksiyon ko dito. ano kaya kung ganyan nga mga cover ng fairytale stories no? ehehe

  3. where's LITTLE MERMAID?! haha.

  4. @ yods: for sure marami uli magbabasa na adults

    @madz: slutty na kasi sha noon pa

  5. ang chaka ng wolf...

    hehehe! oo nga, i was turned by rapunzel...

    gawsh, bondage and S&M... i like! lol! :)

  6. wish ko lang ni-release to earlier... when i was still reading fairy tales... or else, puberty might have hit me before it had to!

    grabe, sobrang resourceful ka talaga looking for cool stuff to post!


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