thousand of naked people!

spencer tunick's explorations in architecture that involves thousands of peeps are well known around the world. his famous works has a simple technique ask people to strip off, dexterously pose, and blend in with sculpture and natural environments, then voila! a naked rally

amazing art theme it is!

mexico city 2

newcastle gateshead 5

london 4 selfridges

miami beach 4 (sagamore)

netherlands 8

omg! how bold!



  1. omg!!! amazing.. i have absolutely no comment on this.. super masterpiece (i'd probably just watch out for this here in the phils too, gonna be a scandal perhaps! hehe)

  2. super scandal kamo,

    filipinos are still not open about this kind of art

  3. i dont see anything malicious about his art. mabuti sana kung meron silang sexual acts na ginagawa e wala naman.

    stanley tunick! you are hot!

  4. wooooow... now that's what we call 'humanities'... hehehe!

    did i just see myself there in all my gory glory? hehehehe! asa pa...

  5. OMG I wanna join there. nothing pic with more zoomed? LOL


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