the one with the poolshark!

michael phelps, the major star of the 2008 summer olympics, continued his gold medal winning streak by winning the Men’s 200-meter Individual Medley in World Record time, a feat that is quickly becoming so ordinary for phelpsie, as if the next time he dives we’ll all say “wth, no sense to watch this he’s gonna effing win!” and we’ll all switch our tv’s back and watch dyosa (ewww) instead. phelps won his 6th Gold medal of these olympic games, his 12th gold medal overall! that’s a lot of medals to pawn!

amazing … olympians like him are so inspiring … watching them soar high for athleticism (more for their dreams) leaves one with a really great feeling....

di rin! hindi man lang kaze nagparamdam ang pilipinas! ka-frustrate, joke



  1. yey, first to comment! haha.
    true, di mo lam kung nagmamaramot ba sya sa pinas hahaha. nwei, he wants to achieve 10 golds, right? dream big ika nga ni david cook :D

    filipinos should learn how to dream big and pursue that dream i guess. plus how can we win with no budget and support :D palusot ba? toinks

  2. @ner: yeah i think we filipinos dream a lot but with no actions.... so sad!

  3. nako sobrang napaemo mode talaga ako...pero i'm alot better now. thanks, mate.
    hay..i was watching the olympic games...si phelps talaga ang humahakot for the US. pero it's good to know na as of now, china dominates the medal tally...mas marami pa silang gold kesa US..aehehe..para maiba naman...hehe!


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