the one with pantyhose! for men!

okay so we got the montauk monster, then the monkey faced piglet and now pantyhose for men! mantyhose!

i stumbled upon e-MANCIPATE as i was browsing, aaaand it's a project towards the full acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item...

here's the illustrated survival guide for all those who wanna try.... you know you wanna, haha!

Step 1. Take a seat. Be sure that the nails on your hands are at least in fine condition.

Step 2. Carefully slip your arm into one of the legs of the pantyhose. Reach the foot!

Step 3. Roll it up just like it was a sock. Put both your thumbs inside, and prepare your foot...

Step 4. Carefully let your toes enter the hose. Pull it up only till about the middle of your foot.

Step 5. If there's a seam, it's time to sort it out. Move the seam so that it makes one (horizontally) straight line just under your toenails. If there's a reinforced toe on the hose, be sure that it covers all your nails - so the pantyhose will last longer.

Step 6. Pull up the leg over your knee, feeding the material from the spare in your hands.

Step 7. Now repeat the process with the other leg of the pantyhose!

Step 8. When the second leg is over your knees, stand up, and pull up side by side the rest of the pantyhose.

Step 9. It should look something like this. The hose you see here has a fly - it's made for men.

so manly! i tried wearing one before! but i put it on my head, i was influenced THISMUCH by tagalog action films in the 80's, where bandits burgle a place wearing stockings on their faces...

you know you wanna... xoxo

UPDATE: here's what'll it look like! hmmmm NOT BAD!


  1. this is just queer. haha

    but does it feel good wearing one?

  2. ang soft niya sa face, literally when i wore on my head, i felt like a d*ckhead, haha

  3. meron ka alex?
    san ba nakakabili nya?
    parang gusto ko rin.
    kaso sa mukha ko suot.
    soft pala e.kkk

  4. This is... uh... quite something! Hahaha!

    If you just want to, uhm, try how it feels like to wear pantyhose, there are cheap ones available in department stores. Just be careful because the materials are a bit flimsy and you might have a run. I don't know where you can find those fly-types haha!

    I remembered that Delamar once challenge Chico to wear sanitary napkins for one day. How's that for your next project? :)

  5. hahaha! parang ang init isuot! haha! i still prefer socks...para san ba yan anyway???

  6. @jela: haha tlagang ni-advice akong gawin hehe

    actually i got pics with men wearing it and it looks kinda cool

    i'll post it

  7. @roneiluke: wala lang siguro, alam mo naman ang fasyon world

  8. if your wearing these, do you still need to shave your legs?

  9. "emos unite!

    ang daming emo bloggers, nagkalat"

    ---ahahaa!, ganun talaga!:-), panahon namin ngayun!!!hahaha!

  10. sabagay sumasabay sa panahon

  11. "i stumbled upon e-MANCIPATE as i was browsing, aaaand it's a project towards the full acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item... "

    --pwede rin, pangpa firm ng legs!:-), gudluck, parang ang init nun at ang kati!

  12. i used to wear pantyhose when i was in CCP. kasi naubusan ako ng socks, ninakaw ko yung sa isang usherette.

  13. Nyahahahahahhaah pamatay ka talga! ayoko magsuot nyan bf ko mas gaganda legs nya sakin haha

  14. ROFL. your blog doesn't fail to make me laugh. :)


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  15. hello nobe thanks!

    sa susunod emo naman ako

  16. hmmm... i don't think men and stocking runs don't exactly belong in the same sentence! funny post! keeo it up!


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