the one with beautiful blurred pictures

i love looking at pictures, i love photography. period.

three weeks ago i bought a digital camera to engage myself into photography, i feel like i need to have a diversion these days since i'm getting bored out of my wits. if i get burned out , ugly things happen!

anyways, i stumbled upon this set of blurred pictures which blew me away ,they're so fascinating. i love how the motion lines smeared the photos, they made the pics not only represent one single time, a perfect example of "continuous present tense." enjoy!



  1. alex, wat about posting your photos naman from your new cam? =)

  2. hahaha i will, but i still look shoba

  3. I like about that child surf on the mud. it look like nothing jerk coz of the blur effect

  4. darn! these just made me really discontented... how i wish i have already saved up enough for that canon slr i so want...

    huhuhuhu!!! photography...

  5. @cumie: i love that one too

    @prue: i want an slr too!

  6. Nice collection of photo in there. I particularly like the kids sliding down photo. Full of expression!

  7. thanks xynthian for visitng ^^


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