the one with siraan ng buhay

Jeepney, bus, taxi fares up starting on FRIDAY! from: Inquirer.net

jeepneys may charge a minimum fare of P8.50, up 50 centavos, and an additional 25 centavos, or from P1.25 to P1.50, for each succeeding kilometer.

taxicabs may start charging an “add-on” rate of P10.

buses plying Metro Manila routes may charge an additional P1, or from P9 to P10 for the first five kilometers, with additional 20 centavos for every succeeding kilometer (P1.75 to P1.95).

air-conditioned buses may charge P12 from P11.50 plus P2.35 per succeeding kilometer from P1.75.

one word: pakdatshet

brace yourselves! all these on friday! how about the poor??? ugh!

buti na lang rich ako, jk!


  1. hindi lang confirmed! confeeeermed pa.

    pahirapan to

  2. Sigh... this rising fuel cost is the problem for the whole world now... in Singapore, our petrol is around USD 1.55 per litre. zzz


  3. @anonymous: confeeeeermed!

    @eunice: yeah, global economic recession sucks!

  4. mas mahal daw ang tubig sa saudi kesa sa oil nila...baka gusto nila gasolina nlng laklakin pra masaya...insulto un ah!!!

  5. wow taas na naman.. di ko alam to.. mukhang tulog ako ng tulog ah.. awts.. tingin ko need na talaga naten humanap ng alternatives.. papondo naten kay bill gates at warren buffett ang research.. hihi..

  6. @choco: wag naman ganun... wag laklakin, papaliguin muna sila^^ joke

    @caleb: we have some alternatives here, kaso ayaw pondohan ng government T_T

  7. Though it is inconsisent with my name, I have to say that the PUV's really cant do nothing about it.. Dahil kung hindi, sila naman ang mamatay sa gutom. I wish God may lead men to find a REAL alternative for these fossil fuels because He knows it well that it will be gone soon enough...

  8. super pain in d freain a** tlga ang mga increases na ito... global economic problem tlga ito..

    btw, tnx 4 dropin by!

    kip on bloggin

  9. uu nga. panu kaming mga poor?LOL!

    But I think in Japan, the fare is even much higher that's why they use bicycles instead.

    It's better, isn't it? Less pollution, no heavy traffic, a form of exercise(LOL!) at tipid sa pamasahe!

  10. @leoj: agree! sana i-implement dito yung ganung system, dapat me bike lanes na

  11. Grabe naman. taxi dagdagan presyo? patay na ko wala na ko pera. wahuhu

  12. tama, bike lanes... kaso di ako marunong mag-bike :(
    3-wheeler na lang ako nun ^^

    buti dito 8pesos pa rin pasahe. at buti na lang ala na ko manila, 10 pesos dagdag sa taxi?!!! 12 pesos na pasahe sa bus?!!! sakit sa ulo, sakit sa ulo. tsk tsk tsk.

    ba't kasi ayaw pondohan ng gobyerno mga scientists natin. pack that sheet nga. :(

  13. @ner: i have no idea kung bkt ayaw suportahan ng government ang mga ok na discoveries T_T

  14. omg! ang mahal!!! may nagkokotse pa ba?! baka gasolina pa lang ubos na sweldo... :(

  15. omg! ang mahal!!! may nagkokotse pa ba?! baka gasolina pa lang ubos na sweldo... :(

  16. wahhh nakakainis!!!! wahhhh!!!!


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