the one with rain speaking english


Interviewer: I gotta know- is one of your favorite things standing topless in the “rain”?

Rain: Ahhh hahaha…uh…yes…blahblah …everyday..naked in my house… haha just kidding. (????????)

Interviewer: We see some pretty wicked weapons…what are you going to do with that….

Rain: That’s my girlfriend. (Rain points to the 2 swords in the poster) That’s my first girlfriend. That’s my second girlfriend. (?????????????????)

Interviewer: ….is the soul of your dead girlfriend in that weapon?

Rain: I…I….you know…just kidding (cringe!)

Interviewer: ….I heard you can’t get over your dead girlfriend…

Rain: I don’t have girlfriend.. real girlfriend, you know.

(Interviewer tries to help him out)

Interviewer: In the movie, you have a girlfriend, she dies right?

Rain: ahhhh yes (nod)… ya-su…(nod) …ya-su…

Interviewer: This brings up an interesting question about sex-what does the ninja do when his girlfriends are weapons like that?

Rain: ….huuhuu… no….. don’t do it again please

Interviewer: Just teasing ya. So what kind of training did you have to do to get into this role?

Rain: in the movie right?

Interviewer: …asking you movie questions…your girlfriend in the movie is dead, not in real life….I’m sorry if there is …

Rain: I’ve been training for 6 months… you know….from the moment.. I’ve been…ahhhh…punching (??) my mind and menu with chicken breasts and vegetables… it was almost killed me…. it’s horrible…

Interviewer (speechless)…opps sorry. Did you get to wear a traditional ninja outfit in the film?

Rain: yes. yep…ah… it was … fantastic ..maybe if you see the movie… you will figure it out

Interviewer: (pause) Thank you so much.

he seriously needs a lotta practice....


  1. it's painful to hear, me movie pa naman siya sa hollywood

  2. i cringed a lot

    pero walang tatalo ke manny pacquiao

  3. puhbb!
    Ha ha Alex!it's one of your students haha
    Did you make all the scripts? lol
    it's actually more funny you made it lol
    omg I feel even embarassed for him.
    Lol even if I am Korean and like Rain, it's still so funny to hear how he anwers to the interviewr.
    His anwers are totally awkward lol

    Seriously he does need to practice to survive in hollywood
    I am going to cheer for him now lol


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