the one with drugged graphic artists

i'm very busy these days that i can't write a proper article to post here, back in the dark ages i used to write about 5000-word essays, but during that time i blog only once a week...

i've got so many unfinished articles written on scratch papers stashed inside my old tampipi

when i get back to my normal life i'll be posting more sensible entries promise, but until then, these crappy posts are the ones i can handle right now....

so.... deal with it


  1. wow that's very good art i love those picture the picture where a man swim on the road

  2. hanlupet nung toilet pakshyet! magaling magaling magaling. :D

  3. hmmmm... maeexcite po ba ako sa toilet bowl o matatakot? bwahahaha!

    kainin kaya niya ako o dilaan.... yeuch!!! hehehe!

  4. okay lang yan di mo lang alam nakkadulot ng kaligayahan ang blog mo sa ibang tao...

    ung kanta nahanap mo na ba?

  5. HI ALEX.... just to let you know you never fail to make me laugh LOL @ the pictures =]


  6. @prue: yucky!! haha

    @tentay: thanks, di ko pa nahahanap ginamit ko na lahat ng power sources ko

    @jekay: thanks for dropping!

  7. eww.... kadiri ung kiwi+rat hah...

    iba na tuloy ang tingin ko sa kiwi ngaun...

    nyah! parang ung maliit na daga sa aming bhay na di mapatay2...

    xetness! hehe! :)


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