the one with bored

i seem to be weighed down with a feeling that I ought to be doing something. quite what I don’t know but when I am at my pc/ in a bus / eating chillimansi pancit canton/at work, i am constantly being sidetracked by another bajillion more interesting things I could be doing. the funny thing is when I do tackle a task which my mind had been telling me would be interesting/entertaining/more productive, i start to think of something else I could be doing instead. does that make any sense?

and on it goes. my mind’s fidgety and my body even more so. my thoughts flirt from one thing to another but never quite rests anywhere….

now, I just wanna have a love affair with my tv/dvd and watch the entire season1 of lost….
so katamad these days... i don't even know why. maybe i badly need a life!


  1. this one made my day, ang kulettt

  2. ikaw ba yan? ang kulit? nakahiga din ng patagilid yung monitor.

    panalo! haha

  3. OMG! u sleep with the monitor! haha! Salute!!

    Thank you for your full support my dear friend! :D

    Pls vote TravelerFolio.com

  4. nako kung ako yan. ilalagay ko sa kisame. nakakangalo ang nakatagilid no. at least sa kisame relax na relax lol. pero salamat sa idea ha. hahahah no more stiff neck

  5. Hey that's a good idea. I call teh patent!


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