lifehouse concert in manila!!! w00t w00t

WOOOO HOOOO! excited for tomorrow!

see you there!
it'll be at the big dome at 8pm!

UPDATE: THE CONCERT ROCKED!!! it was so much fun although it's kinda bitin coz' they didn't sing two of my faves 'breathing' and 'everything'. but all in all the concert was enjoyable, it's been a long time since i drowned myself in excitement so there! hayzz i have to buy a camera i didn't even have a single pic from last night since my phone camera sucked!


  1. Alex.....sama mo ko....
    kainggit naman to.
    But honestly,
    I never thought you are into that kind of music......

  2. i love alternative rock hehe

  3. wow, sarap... fave band ko yan. bakit kaya pag nsa pinas ako, walang foreign artists na nag-concert jan?... naiinis ako... sabi nila cute daw pag naiinis. :P

  4. i was there too! the concert rocked! hehehe will post picture of the dome probably later...

  5. wahhh congrats for being able to watch, kainggit. T_T i was EXPECTING my ate to get the tickets for us and we were like waiting. said she had it covered. tapos two days before she called: "guys, ubos na daw sa box natin eh. VIP kaya?"

    T_T T_T

    but anyway, congrats to you! haha


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