the one with hardcore english

i'm planning of doing some little power-tripping over my student

i'll make him explain this.....

"Loke ere thou leap, dome not by view of face, Least hast make wast, in misdoming the case: For I teach not to love, ne yet his lore, Ne with what salve is cared such a sore, But I the carke with cares that therby haps, The blis with joyes the storms with thunderclaps, The curtesies where most his force is shewede, The choise of best, be it of good or lewde, Compare them so, as doomed is the dout, Thereof, and ay the truth well sifted out: The which to reade such pleasure thou shalt finde, As may content a well disposed minde."

i know! i'm nasty!! HEHE

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