the one with call center culture

biggest call center tradition here in pinas ... sleeping! look at them slumbering like a babe............ oh my!! a lot of people will kill me!!! this one's artistahin!!! and this one too! but i still have to doodle it oilyness!! i'm a little bit scared of him okay i know i'm nasty!

and there will be a part 2!


  1. Uso din yan sa mga Nursing Students. Especially pag graveyard shift. Hanep.

  2. ah tlaga????

    hehe kaya dapat covered ang face pag natulog hehe

  3. waah..haha

    ang gwapo ni kuya..

    yung alang buhok!

    susme! ikaw ah...?
    bad yan..

  4. hahaha

    wala yan mga camwhore ang mga yan sa tunay na buhay

  5. nasty nga.. pero ansaya tingnan.. lolz


    lamat sa pgdaan sa page

  6. this is soo funny.. nice post! :)

  7. fafa siya ng lahat dun sa floor

  8. kaya pag may overnight kami talagang dapat naka takip ang mukha ko. mahirap na baka may mga tulad mo na manamantala. hekhek. :D

  9. hehe, i didn't take the pics, it was taken by different peeps ....

    uso siya dun

  10. shyet, di na ko matutulog sa shift. bka mangyare saken yaaaaaan. hahahaha! amf.

  11. hahah nakakatawa!!! yeah i agree with mon, super uso yan sa nursing....sa classroom pa, on the spot! haha..

    and the last picture....just looks like me! really..

  12. OMG! I smell blood, ha-ha!

  13. hehehehe ang saya neto!

    got one shot of a colleague..nakanganga pa..tas email blast ko sa team hehehe may caption pa na "model employee"..syempre kinatay nya ko..hehehe!

    salamat sa pagdaan!

  14. For call center agents: The Ayala-bound bus I was on just last night was held up by 4-5 armed men forcibly took all our personal belongings -- wallets and mobile phones -- as they instructed the driver of the bus to reroute to South Super Highway, instead. The gang declared their intention to rob between Guadalupe and Buendia. Some of gang members, I heard from some of the passengers, were from Crossing.

    A few weeks ago, two of my officemates also rode an LRT-Ayala-bound bus and were held up the same way. All incidents happened between 8-12 pm.

    The bus looks old, dimly lit and has curtains.

    Please pass this message to all your friends so that the authorities will take the high statistics of robberies in the area more seriously. And for passengers to-be to avoid riding the same bus or any bus in the area during the same period of time.

    We don't know if the driver and ticket attendant are in on the modus.


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