the one with angry wife

just a few minutes ago, i was surfing friendster so refresh myself of some updates of what's goin on with my friends' and frenemies' lives...

it's funny how a lot of smart-alecky people in our high school way back in the dark ages turned out to be big losers today...

i know i'm nasty but it's the revenge of the then teenage dirtbag!

then i came across the account of one of my college friends....

she turned out to be a very angry and negative person spewing fire! click to enlarge.

"There is this woman who again i wanted to meet,sya ung girl na alam kong walang seseryoso sa kanya, feeling nya ganda nya..but u now wat magaling daw to in bed, tried and tested ng husband q.kaya nga ngayn kahit married na ung ex nya still ng attempt makipag date, may be she again wants to experience wat she and my husband did b4. kc wala ng gumaganun sa kanya. unfortunately nahuli ko cla, laking panghihinayang nya...if i wer u magbayad ka nalang para may magtyaga sa mga loose fats moh...hehehe...mukha k pang mother skin ate..."


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