the one about mascots!

i can totally relate to this poor kiddo

i dunno about you guys but mascots really scared the sh*t out of me when i was a little tot...

okay i hate to admit it, but i still almost pee in my pants whenever i see them so close to me...

... thanks to to teh internet i learned that masklophobia is the fear of mascots....

now you learned something!


  1. haha, inde ako ganyan nung bata ako...oo. tumanda ako na flawless pa rin si jollibee hehe..nakakatawa pag nakakakita ka ng mga batang umiiyak dahil sa mga mascots haha

  2. hoy it's not funny to us ha

  3. I think I know what the kid's thinking.

    WTF?!? Get your hands off of me you big-headed creep!

  4. Wawa naman yung bata ganyan din ba kaasim mukha mo non?

  5. @herson juego: WTF talaga!

    @tentay: mas lalo pa!

  6. im scared of mascots as well ... pati clowns. basta anything really really bigger than me. i remember when i was a kid, my aunt gave me a walking doll taller than me ... well, yeah, i kicked it and then ran to my mom's back.


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