the one about heartbroken brit

a heartbroken british guy sells his 'entire life'

From: CNN.com

A heartbroken Briton is one step closer to starting a new life as he tries to auction his "entire life" online following the break-up of his marriage. Ian Usher said he was selling his house and all its contents because they remind him of his marriage. Ian Usher said he was selling his house and all its contents because they remind him of his marriage. Ian Usher, who moved to Australia six years ago, is selling his house, car, job and even an introduction to his friends on eBay. By 1530 GMT on Monday bids had reached almost US $285,000.

love problems make you do the crazy i guess...

kung friend ko siya
i would tell him this.

Even though your world may appear to have collapsed around you, oddly enough, you also notice that most things still remain the same…

But why do you suddenly feel so out of place? You feel totally out of sorts. For the moment, it may even feel like that you're never going to emerge from your sorrow. You might feel that life is over and there's no meaning left for you.

It's a matter of time. It's a matter of time before normalcy returns. Though the love is lost, but your love will carry on and please remember that you do have the capacity for greater love.

It's never too late, you still have chances in your life. You'll get up once again. You'll laugh again. You'll live again… And you'll love again...

but of course he wouldn't listen still..

kasi nga heartbroken siya....


  1. eh broken hearted nga diba? edi bingi pa un ears nya kasi mas masakit yung heart nya. at least kumikita sya hahahah.

  2. hay... love, it's motherf*cker.

  3. well sa isip ko, how would u know if there is a sira sa sabungan.? they say pag may nagdala nang pato. how wil u know if may second na may sira-- pag may nagdala ng panlabang pato. ang third na sira ang yung nag bet sa mga pato.

    in this case, those who bid for the guy are the ones with some loose nuts.

  4. Ang hirap talaga when we are filled with emotions. It's true we can do crazy things. hehe

  5. hmmm people do crazy things when they think that the whole life has gone down the drain....

    ahhh crazy people....

    i even heard sa news that a couple placed their few months old child on bid sa ebay... naku! crazy talaga!

    Deranged Insanity
    Traipsey Turvey

  6. OMG, ang extreme naman nun.

  7. i may be broken inside too but i guess i wouldnt end up doing all these. i dunno. cguro sobrang mahal lang talaga nya asawa nya. kaso nga lang kse the way i look at it, immature yung decision nya to sell everything. baka un ung isang reason kung bat xa iniwanan.


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